How can I start?

It’s easy,

Artificial intelligence needs to be trained by humans, like you, in order to work accurately. For this job, we’ll need you to record speech on your smartphone according to a given script. This job is exclusively for native Swedish speakers.

How do you start?


  • Click on the “Apply to the job now!”
  • Register on Neevo
  • Download and install our app, Horatio (Available for iOS and Android)
  • Have Job notifications turned on and wait for the job invitation via email
  • Select the job
  • Read the full instructions
  • Start recording
  • This project takes about 40 minutes to complete
  • It consists of making 200 audio recordings, which consists of 5 sentences repeated 40 times (so don’t be surprised if you see the same text several times!)
  • You need to record in a completely quiet place, with no background noise
  • You need to have no problems with sound quality caused by your microphone
  • Payment will be made, via Paypal, after all of your recordings are approved

Sounds easy, right?

Let’s get started?

What you need:

A valid Paypal account

Be a native Swedish speaker

Be human

Some spare time